ÉVÉNEMENT: 🎵 En amont du @CDRdijon organisé par @dijon vendredi 30 août, #DiviaMobilités propose ses 2 "BeforeS" #Lalalib : 🙂
🔸28/08 : Concert au parking Monge - @TheGKConspiracy
🔸29/08 : Live à bord du tram - D.J. Mister B
➡️ Info sur https://t.co/qI6BNWwHGz
#CDR2019 #Dijon


Retrouvez @Camelia_Jordana à 20h35 sur la scène de la Libération pour #Lalalib !! 💙

#CDR2019 #programmation #artistes #musique #CDRDijon #cameliajordana #pop #rnb

🏅 The finisher’s medal for the 2019 Charleston Distance Run! They are beautiful!

Register today and earn yours on August 31st! Go to https://t.co/HbgH4IXTgX #CDR2019

Only 12 days until the 2019 Charleston Distance Run! Remember, all registrations must be received by August 29th. In-person registration will be available from 3-8pm at Beni Kedem Temple on August 30th. Don’t delay, and register here: https://t.co/HbgH4IXTgX #CDR2019 #CRW

In this video we show you our autonomus robot following a defined green path. Enjoy! 🤖
#tr2019 #tr2020 #cdr2019 #cdr2020 #weloverobots #omgrobots

🎂 Beth (left) will be running in this year’s 15 Mile Race in celebration of her 65th birthday. Beth has raced in the CDR 5k twice! Happy Birthday Beth!

You can join Beth in the 15 Mile Race or run the 15 Mile Relay or 5k Run/Walk. Register here https://t.co/HbgH4IXTgX #CDR2019

💘 👟 Teresa and Robert celebrated their 28th wedding anniversary in 2016 by running the Charleston Distance Run. Teresa recently said, “One person said he must really love you to suffer 15 miles of that course for you! Lol” It sounds like true love to us! #CDR2019 #RunningLove

Merci aux participants du live de ce soir ! Actionneur démonté et remonté avec succès, et des discussions très intéressantes sur la #cdr2019 #cdr2020 et @makerfight68.
A la prochaine et bonne nuit !

Ce soir 22h, nouveau live #robotique sur la chaine https://t.co/1WXldW14tV ! On démonte l'actionneur pour notre #robot de combat de la @makerfight68 2020 et on discutera coupe de France de Robotique #cdr2019 / #cdr2020 ! A toute à l'heure !

Mais ce soir il y aura quand même un live plus "léger" sur le démontage de l'actionneur testé la semaine dernière pour notre #robot combattant de la @makerfight68 2020, et on bossera un peu sur la #cdr2020. Rendez vous a 22h sur la chaîne ! cc #cdr2019

No more waiting around! Register today!

Registrations received by tomorrow, August 17th, will beat the next price increase. To register, go to https://t.co/HbgH4IXTgX #CDR2019 #CRW

You might question why you chose to race at some point during the Charleston Distance Run. But after you finish you’ll be looking forward to doing it all over again next year!

Remember to register by visiting https://t.co/HbgH4IXTgX #CDR2019

Register by August 17th to SAVE! 💰

Choose the 15 Mile Race, 15 Mile Relay or 5k Run/Walk.

Pick an event that will challenge you, and share the exhilaration of participating in the Charleston Distance Run!

To register, go to https://t.co/HbgH4IXTgX

🥇Presenting the 2019 Charleston Distance Run finisher’s medal!

We are very excited to share Edward Bowman’s latest design! Register to race by visiting https://t.co/HbgH4IXTgX and earn your finisher’s medal this year! #CDR2019

Shout out to all the volunteers who showed up at #CanadianDeathRace this year! You guys rock! A lot of you stayed late and took on extra shifts to cover volunteers who didn’t show up. We couldn’t have done it without you.
#Volunteer #CDR2019 #GrandeCache

@Machinerie Le live #robotique débute à 22h. Pour le suivre : https://t.co/HvUx8nebzo ! On testera un actionneur pour les combats de #robot de @makerfight68 pour notre prochaine création avec @Karibous #cdr2019 #cdr2020 ! A tte à l'heure !

🥇 Don’t delay! Register today! 🥇

The only way to get this year’s Finisher’s Medal is to earn it by completing the Distance Run. But the first step is to register!

Go to https://t.co/HbgH4IXTgX and register.

We’ll let you see the 2019 medal soon. It’s a beauty! #CDR2019

Nouveau live #robotique ce soir sur la chaîne à 22h ! On va se concentrer sur la @makerfight68 du #fablab @Technistub et sur le nouvel actionneur pour le #robot 2020 : cablage, essais et modélisation normalement ... #cdr2019 #cdr2020 vous êtes les bienvenues aussi 😉

💵💵 Register and save! 💵💵

Race applications received by next Saturday, August 17 will save you some $$$! To register, please visit https://t.co/HbgH4IXTgX #CDR2019 #cashmoney

Edward Bowman designed the 2017 and 2018 CDR finisher medals, and they are terrific! Just wait until you see what he created this year!

We will share the design soon. Big hint: they feature a prominent Charleston landmark. #CDR2019 #medal #winning

Such great photos from @SinisterSports @DeathRaceCA via Raven Eye Photography - featuring @GGlennie14 @GamblinTyler @JamesDeanPT @CandaceMazurPT

#SinisterSports #CDR2019 #CanadianDeathRace #ultrarunner #ultra #yegrunner #yegphysio #deathrace

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